Graphiteleader Vigore
The Vigore series from the Garphiteleader range is the top of the line spinning rod manufactured by Olympic Co Ltd.(Japan). It is built on a blank of "Kevlar Graphite Cloth" with thier G-MAPS (Graphiteleader Multi Angle Ply System) design. They are light, powerful and sensitive, built with quality fuji components and Fuji Titanium Sic Guides for ultimate corrosion resistance and finished with a cork hand for maximum feel. This is the ultimate rod for chasing bream and bass.
Length: 1.93m      Weight: 84g      Action: Fast      Top Dia: 1.3mm      Butt Dia: 8.6mm      Lure Weight: 1/32-3/16oz      Line: 2-6lb
Length: 1.93m      Weight:85g     Action: Fast      Top Dia: 1.3mm      But Dia: 8.6mm    Lure Weight: 1/32-1/4 oz      Line: 3-8lb
Length: 2.11m      Weight:101g     Action: Regular Fast      Top Dia: 1.6mm      But Dia: 9.1mm    Lure Weight: 1/8-1/2 oz      Line: 5-14lb