Fishing or some refer to it as angling has been around in one form or another for many years. You might have read in the history books of people fishing with silk line and hooks carved from bones. But for us in this day in age we are lucky to have fishing equipment that has been tested and refined over time but still product development and development of new fishing techniques is a never ending process. 

There are many different methods for fishing and the method that we will try and introduce to you in more details are lure fishing with Heavy Metal Jigs also referred to as Vertical Jigging, Surface Poppers and Light Lure Casting. These three methods mentioned may not appeal to everyone but has proven it self to be an effective, fun and interesting way of catching fish. Hopefully from the different pages here you can get an insight of what is involved, the equipment required, various techniques and tricks. And may be you can see the reason behind why this fishing method is chosen and enjoyed by many and you might also decide to give it a go (but becareful it can be addictive).